Upcoming Events from HGN and Others

Lots of events in the newsletter this week! The fact that there are so many events going on at what is a traditionally quiet time of year shows that environmental issues are moving up the agenda: scroll on down to see all the details. This weekly newsletter is for all our members so if your group has organised something, or if you are aware of an event taking place, that you would like publicised, send in the details to admin@hgnetwork.org

Our first HGN Gathering of the year is on Wednesday 18th January 5.30pm – 7.00pm. Richard Priestley will be giving a presentation online (which saves having to venture out in the cold and the dark) on his recently published book ‘System Change Now One Man’s Vision of a Better Future.’ Richard will talk about his ideas and show a few slides and then lead a discussion about the many issues and possible solutions that he raises in his book.

For more information about Richard, and his book, Click here to see his website.

To book a (free) ticket for this event, Click here to book via Eventbrite.

And there are details in the next post about our first BUILDING SENSE webinar of the year: this one is on natural materials and why they make sense in a building project.