“Focus On”- Richard Priestley: Global Problems, Global Solutions

Thanks to Richard for the first of our new “Focus On” posts – there are more in the pipeline and please send yours in. It would be great to hear about what you are doing – your group’s aims and activities and/or how you are adapting at the moment.

Richard: “I write regular blogs called ‘Global Problems: Global Solutions’ which usually focus on how humanity could have a better, more ecologically sustainable and socially just future.

I give talks and evening classes and occasionally write other things. The ideas are global, but of course many of them have to be manifested in particular places and times… and nowhere better than Hereford, and now. I want to develop my work in collaboration with others, some of whom may be members of HGN.”

Visit this site to read previous blogs and sign up to get Richard’s blog posts by email https://www.richardpriestley.co.uk/

Send your “Focus On” contributions and picture to admin@hgnetwork.org

DKP Talks & Discussion Evening – Proportional Representation. Wed 11th March

Proportional Representation: An in-depth look at PR voting systems. De Koffee Pot 7.30pm Wed 11th March

In response to popular demand, at this next local Make Votes Matter meeting we’ll be having a night examining all the different types of proportional representation electoral voting systems. Volunteers will take it in turns to explain different types of PR.

Come along if you finally would like to get your head around this often referred to but complex subject.
Organized by : MVM – Nat Waring.

Hereford Cathedral talks “Saving our Environment – A Christian Imperative”

Throughout Lent Hereford Cathedral will be holding a series of talks on Tuesday evenings to focus hearts and minds on the urgency of our world’s concerns, with speakers providing a different slant each week. Each will speak for around 45 minutes, from 7 pm followed by Compline. We will gather for soup and rolls in the retro-choir following Evensong.

3 March Isabel Carter How can we modify our lifestyle as individuals?
10 March The Revd Nick Read The part agriculture can play
17 March Simon Ross How are we working with our buildings at church and home?
24 March Richard Priestley Politics and policy
31 March Prebendary John Daniels Theology of the environment

More details: https://www.herefordcathedral.org/Event/lent-talks

Women and Local Democracy Week

WEG (Women’s Equality Group Hereford) have organised a talk and discussion on local democracy to be held at the Kindle Centre, Hereford at 7.3-pm on 17th October.

They feel women are under-represented at every level of politics. Their voices are often not heard and as a result policy decisions do not always reflect their views or needs.

How can women influence local decision-making?

Come and explore this issue in a supportive atmosphere with other women and help identify ways to make a difference at the local level.

• John Coleman (Herefordshire Council Democratic Services)
• Polly Andrews (Lib Dem Councillor and Chair of Adults and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee)
• Ellie Chowns (recently elected Green Councillor)

Please join them on Wednesday 17th October: the talks will begin at 7.30 pm at The Kindle Centre, ASDA, Hereford.

RSVP to womensequalitygroup@gmail.com

This Evening …

Herefordshire Green Party’s four busy and effective Green Party county councillors will talk about life on the council…
Come find out about how they are making Herefordshire Greener. The evening will include discussion about the local elections in May 2019 and getting more Green representation on the council.
Wednesday 28th Feb, 7.30pm – 9.30pm
The Left Bank Village, Bridge Street, Hereford, HR4 9DG

Politics, Ethics, Environment

Every Wednesday there is a discussion to be had at De Koffie Pot between 7.30 –- 9.00 pm.

Here is the lineup for March:

Wednesday March 7 : Talk Shop presented by Perry Walker :-

Health and Social Care local initiatives : following on from last months’ discussion at the national level what is happening locally? There are around 30 local initiatives – what are they? Do they join up? How can we make the most of them? What more can be done?

Wednesday March 14 : DKP Presentation :- 

Henry David Thoreau – Philosopher, transcendentalist, first environmentalist. Rugged individualist, critic of government and materialism. Lived self sufficiently in woods, Walden Pond, Concord, Massachusettes, 1850 for two years two months. Contrast to today’s megacities and destruction of our forests.

Wednesday March 21 : Herefordshire Green Network :-

“Personal, Planetary, Political” Join Pete Linnell who will be introducing ecological foot printing tools to help us understand what effect our lifestyle choices are having on the environment.

Wednesday March 28 : Hereford Green Party :-

What can a Green Councillor do for Herefordshire?

With three guest councillors.


With food and drinks available in the bar.

Big Green Drinks!

There is no HGN Gathering this month, but on the third Wednesday Herefordshire Green party are hosting a Big Green Drinks for everyone interested in the green agenda, whatever their political hue…

Join them on the 20th December at 7.30pm at De Koffie Pot for some festive conversations after a turbulent politics year…

Local Currency for Herefordshire?

 A few of us are devising an HGN Gathering considering the questions & opportunities of a local currency for the county:

Wednesday 15th November, HGN Gathering on Local Currency:  An evolution towards Contact .. vs becoming Contactless

Local money doesn’t leak through the holes ­ it bounces around inside the local economy and keeps money in local pockets. Money is energy ­ keeping that energy local keeps it supporting the local community, not swelling a banker’s coffers. Money is our transaction – a communication, and we want that communication to be real…

If you would like to be part of the team planning the way this event might evolve, please get in touch!

Questions we aim to consider over the course of the evening include:

  • How does a local currency work for individuals ­ and for local businesses?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the challenges?
  • Can we make a local currency electronicŠ ?
  • What would be our next steps towards making this happen?


We hope to have expert input from Bristol, Totnes and HerefordshireŠ.  Hear how others have made a local currency work – and help think about how it could work for us here.

And if you think you have anything to add to the evening – please let us know… Contact kate@hgnetwork.org


Wednesday 15th November, 7.30pm at De Koffie Pot.
Hosted by Herefordshire Green Network in collaboration with A Rule of Tum.

World Population – 7.5 billion & rising…

a photo of hiking boots


Join a presentation & discussion upstairs at De Koffie Pot next Wednesday evening.

World population is now 7.5 billion, and projected to rise to 8.6 billion by 2030, 9.8 billion by 2050 up to 11.2 billion in 2100!

What are the implications? What are your views? What can be done? Come and hear some details and statistics then listen to and/or join in the ensuing discussion


Wednesday 25th October, 7.30 – 9.30pm … and discussions may continue, DKP closes at 11pm!

Come early – drinks & food available at the bar downstairs.


This is a DKP hosted Discussion Evening, and one of the regular Politics, Ethics & Environment nights held on Wednesdays at DKP.


Herefordshire Council Bus Consultation 

The results of the consultation and the stalwart efforts of Rail & Bus for Herefordshire (RBfH) volunteers handing out leaflets on the proposed cuts to bus services took the Council by surprise. The response to the consultation was one of the biggest they had which served to emphasise the importance of buses in both the social and economic well being of this rural county. The result was a postponement of the cuts proposed for 2017. However, the sting is in the tail as it is still on record that the council will seek to progressively reduce the bus support budget to nil over three years.

What is equally as disturbing is that operators are beginning to prune their commercial services, albeit on a small scale at the moment. This is indicative of the dire straights that some operators are finding themselves in without support, and not necessarily financial support from the local authority.

The RBfH Buses Sub-group will continue its dialogue with and lobby Cabinet members of the council. They want to stress three points:

1. That the Council needs to be more upbeat and promote existing services as a value for money contribution to our economy and social life…the constant gloom about buses is damaging every day services

2. That the definition of secondary core services in the future needs to re-instate those which serve large settlements (see below)

3. That it needs to accept that Community Transport cannot make up for the loss of mainstream routes in some areas.

An interesting point, however, that Herefordshire council have gone out to tender on eight contracts due for renewal in September 2017. The contracts involved are those for the main Hereford-Kington service and services in eastern Herefordshire operated by Astons coaches and DRMBus. Further, the contracts for eastern Herefordshire are issued individually but also as a combined contract with the title of Ledbury Area Services. One presumes that the council are hoping such an area approach where contracts can be linked using the same bus will lead to discounted prices from operators. The results are still awaited so we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime RBfH urge you to write to the Portfolio Holder for Transport, Councillor Durkin at bdurkin@herefordshire.gov.uk, together with your local councillors to seek assurance that the network of routes to our main rural settlements are maintained in the future.

Places which have populations of approximately 700-1000 deserve a service. These are places such as Bosbury, Canon Pyon, Colwall, Cradley, Eardisland, Eardisley, Hoarwithy, Kingsland, Leintwardine, Pembridge, Peterchurch, Shobdon, Staunton-on-Wye, Tillington, and Wigmore. Their services all remain at risk!


(From Rail & Bus for Herefordshire Summer Newsletter 2017 – thanks Gareth for sharing)

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