Spring Kleen Films “An Inconvenient Sequel” 21st Feb

7pm for 7.30pm Friday 21st February at St. Mary’s Parish House, Church Road, Kington HR5 3AG

Screening of An Inconvenient Sequel – Truth to Power. Free drinks and canapes. Donations will be collected to cover costs.

FREE but please book your place on EventBrite :https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/spring-kleen-films-present-an-incovenient-sequel-truth-to-power-tickets-94584433587

Hereford By-Pass project (DKP Talks & Discussion evening) 4th March

7.30pm – 9.30pm on Wednesday 4 March 2020 at Left Bank/De Koffee Pot

Perry Walker has been interviewing people with different views on the Hereford By-Pass project. This session he will feed back from these interviews, review the main attitudes found, explore whether and where common ground can be found between them.

Organized by : Talk Shop – Perry Walker.

HGN Members Meeting – save the date. Wed 1st April 5.30pm-7pm

Calling all HGN members, supporters, associates, and other interested parties…. save the date for the next Herefordshire Green Network meeting.

Come and hear what other community groups and individuals are getting up to around the county.

Come and help us think about what the next stage of action should be for us all as a collective.

Come and hear about projects that HGN are currently engaged in and are planning.

Wed 1st April at 5.30pm – in the Gallery Space at De Koffee Pot, Hereford

Free Workshops Update!

This week we held the first of our Free Funding Workshops, Small Funds for Small Groups, where we talked about the social benefits of urban community gardens and market gardens, how to share this with funders, and innovative ways to fund publications to spread a message of biodiversity and ecology – including kickstarters…

To get tailored top tips about how to get funds for your projects sign up to the second free workshop on Wed 26th Feb.

Also coming up are workshops on ENGAGING THE PUBLIC ON ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES and SOCIAL MEDIA AND WORKING ONLINE which are free for HGN members, supporters, associates, and other interested parties

More details about the sessions and how to book can be found here: https://hgnetwork.org/spruce-up-your-skills-at-hgns-spring-workshops/

Global Solutions to Global Problems talk – Wed 19 February

De Koffee Pot Talks & Discussion Evening

7.30-9.30pm, Wed 19th Feb at the Left Bank Village/De Koffie Pot.

A presentation followed by round table discussion about the role of civil society in globalization and how we define these terms. We will discuss multilateralism, cosmopolitanism and with the United Nations 75th anniversary in 2020 in mind we will discuss possible reforms of the intergovernmental organization. How are rules of laws upheld? How do we create change in the face of challenges? We will discuss possible solutions with key themes being unity, justice and equality.

Discussion will be led by Rob Thistleton. Organized by : Rob Thistleton.

The Right Tree in the Right Place – watch this space!

It is wonderful to see the rising energy from communities, businesses and individuals about our journey to a Zero Carbon Herefordshire and we are hearing lots of enthusiasm for tree planting across the county.

The Herefordshire Wildlife Trust along with partners will soon be issuing guidance to ensure that as well as storing carbon, trees are grown in the right places to ensure that our precious wildlife is enhanced and protected and other benefits realised: from cleaner air and water to natural flood management.

The guidance is coming soon, so watch this space!

This weekend! Transition Leominster / Priory Church seed swap

Come along this Saturday 8th February 10am to 1pm to the Priory Church Leominster for the annual seed swap.

This year as well as seeds there will be a clothes swap, tools for self-reliance, community group stalls, Messy Church, and refreshments.

Everybody welcome, entry is free.

Transition Leominster

Extinction Rebellion ‘Take the First Step’ Tree Planting Action Starts: February 14, 9.30 Shire Hall, Hereford

Extinction Rebellion members from across the county will be present at Herefordshire Council’s meeting on 14 Feb to congratulate the administration on making its first budget a “climate–friendly” budget.

And, to celebrate the first anniversary on 8 March of the Council’s declaration of a climate emergency, XR Herefordshire will be giving every local councillor a tree for them to plant in a suitable place in their ward.

Councillors will be invited to label their tree:

“In planting this tree, I pledge to consider the full life time of this tree and that from this day forward all decisions I make on behalf of the residents of Herefordshire will take all future generations into account.”

Only by properly considering all future generations and the health of the natural world on which they will depend can we adequately address the climate crisis. By recognising there is a climate crisis and putting the required changes into effect, XR believes there are huge opportunities to create a better, greener future for everyone in our beautiful county.

Across the county XR is already working with landowners, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, the Size of Herefordshire and others to dramatically increase the tree cover in the county.

“We want to see one new tree per Herefordshire resident (i.e. 192,000) planted in the next three years and over the next 10 years, (i.e. by 2030) we’d like to see a million trees planted in Herefordshire as part of a ‘Community Tree Planting’ scheme”.

We see this massive community-led tree-planting scheme as one small but key part of creating that better future we envisage. Business as usual is not an option!

Help XR defend the climate emergency budget at Herefordshire Council meeting 14th February…

… from being defeated by an alternative which takes out important carbon reducing initiatives. The alternative proposal includes replacing funds for electric buses with support for unsustainable road building: a short-term, high carbon solution totally at odds with the unanimously declared Climate Emergency!

XR are asking for your support at the Herefordshire council budget setting meeting on Friday 14th Feb – details of the meeting are here: https://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=291&MId=7351&Ver=4

You can help by:

1) Being there – we are aiming to fill the public gallery with people, the Red Brigade included, so it will be more colourful and dramatic than usual. And alliance councillors will feel supported.

  • gathering from 9am outside Shire Hall to welcome councillors going into the 10am budget-setting meeting
  • 9am-10am arrival of climate striking students from Hereford colleges
  • towards 10am, arrival of Marches Red Rebel Brigade & Green Spirits (who will have processed from Die Koffie Pot to Shire Hall)

2) Submitting questions to the meeting by the deadline of 5pm on Monday 10th Feb. Guidance about how to do this is here: https://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/ieListMeetings.aspx?CId=291&Year=0

3) We’ve asked XR people in wards represented by Lib Dem councillors to write to the councillor asking them to vote for the budget because it is climate friendly and consistent with the climate emergency declaration. The wards and councillors are:

Polly Andrews –  Whitemarsh ward (Hereford)

Kevin Tillett – Hinton & Hunderdon (Hereford)

Phillip Howells – Ledbury West

Chris Bartrum – Ross North

Louis Stark – Ross West

Paul Symonds – Ross East

Terry James – Kington

The email addresses and phone numbers of councillors are here – http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/mgMemberIndex.aspx?FN=PARTY&VW=LIST&PIC=0

People can find their ward councillor from this page – https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/government-citizens-and-rights/democracy/find-election-information-for-your-area

(The possibility is that Lib Dem councillors – who are generally in favour of road building – will side with the Conservatives and try to vote out the budget or push through amendments which water down local climate action.)

A message from Hereford Transport Alliance

Dear Friend I am writing to you because during the long journey of the last few years you have expressed a preference for more sustainable transport measures to address transport issues in Hereford than the previous Council Conservative administration’s policy of building the Southern Link Rad and the Western Bypass. 

As you know the new administration of IOC , Independent and Green Councillors have put these plans on hold – a “Pause and Review ” to consider whether in the context of climate change more sustainable transport measures would be effective – and a better transport policy for Hereford could be the way forward .http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?ID=6581

The scope of the review has now been agreed, and we are entering a period of consultation and examination of alternatives http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s50074586/Hereford%20Transport%20South%20Wye%20Transport%20Packages%20review%20main%20report.pdf

In case you have not spotted it, Herefordshire Council have published a new survey as part of the Transport Strategy  Review.  I have just completed mine and relatively it is a joy compared with previous consultations. 

It can be found here:

We are hoping that you will take the time to complete this survey and reply to Herefordshire Council.

There is a very vocal lobby for keeping the bypass plans, so it is important that those of us who do not see this as the way forward continue to express our views in a constructive manner 

Best wishes, Carole Protherough 
Chair Hereford Ttransport Alliance 

1 2 3 38