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The mantra ‘Think Global, Act Local’ seems ever more apposite as the news continues to be dominated by extreme climate events: heatwaves, floods, volcanic eruptions and more. There is news this week from both of HGN’s projects – Building Sense and The Great Collaboration – on actions that can be taken to combat climate change and its effects. Herefordshire Council, through its various agencies has organised workshops and advice events. And two local groups are offering ways to help those in other parts of the world whose lives have been particularly severely impacted by the changing climate.
Both local groups and individuals are an important part of Herefordshire Green Network. If you are a representative or organiser of a local group, please support us by joining HGN. Details below for both individuals and groups on how to become a member

Thank you for being part of Herefordshire Green Network.
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HGN consists of individuals, groups, businesses and local councils from across Herefordshire. Our network connects and supports everyone across the county whose passion is for a low-carbon, nature-diverse, and community-rich Herefordshire. We keep members connected through our online events and weekly newsletter and provide a platform for learning and action.
We’ve done a lot of work on our website so it is easier to navigate: check out our Youtube channel with recordings of our past events and read all about our two major projects Building Sense’ and ‘The Great Collaboration’

If you are an individual who would like to start or renew your membership please click here. 
If you are able to make a regular donation this is even more beneficial to us as it allows HGN to plan our future direction as we know what regular funding we will have for our work.

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