HGN are working to support Herefordshire’s local councils as they move towards a Zero Carbon Herefordshire. Through the Great Collaboration, we are inviting  communities to come together and develop shared, locally-relevant, practical solutions – through discussion, information and
inspiration – in response to Herefordshire’s aspiration to be carbon neutral by 2030.

This page contains a selection of reading material and resources to help your council lower the carbon footprint of your community.

But don’t go it alone. Joining the Herefordshire Green Network gives councils the opportunity to connect with groups in their local area and to learn from other communities across Herefordshire. 

So to grow our network, support our work and access free training and resources please join our network here.

The Great Collaboration Presentations

Presentation Part 1 (Zero Carbon Herefordshire, Transport and the Built Environment)

Presentation Part 2 (Agriculture, Energy Generation and Community Engagement)

Guidance for Local Authorities

The below documents are written specifically for local authorities. Though aimed at all levels, we believe that they all hold useful information and actions that can be implemented even at Parish Council level.

Friends of the Earth: 33 Actions Local Authorities Can Take on Climate Change

Gordon Coppock’s Review of FOE 33 Actions Specifically For Herefordshire

Ashden: Toolkit for city regions and local authorities

Centre For Sustainable Energy: Low-carbon neighbourhood planning guide

The Clerk Magazine: Special Feature Tackling Climate Change

DEFRA: Adapting to Climate Change, A Guide for Local Councils

31 Climate Actions for Councils from Ashden and Friends of the Earth – a handy and easy to use guide showing the carbon reduction associated with different actions.

Case Study: Fownhope Parish Council

Fownhope PC’s Declaration of a Climate Emergency

Fownhope PC’s Draft Timescale Planning for Zero Carbon Fownhope

Case Study: Transition Leominster

Zero Carbon Leominster Project: Energy Descent Action Plan

Case Study: Frieburg, Germany, an example of a successful Green City

Freiburg Overview

Freiburg Green City Map


Case Study: Malvern Hills Car Club – please contact the club if you would like guidance with setting up your own car share club.

Electric Vehicle Charge Point Grants – HGN Guidance – to help you access this funding we have summarised the guidance in a way that is easy to use but if you have further questions after reading this please get in touch.

Electric Vehicle Charge Points Funding For Local Authorities: Guidance

Electric Vehicle Charge Points Funding For Local Authorities: Application Form

Electric Vehicle Charge Points Procurement Guidelines

Land Use

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust Tree Planting Page – a great resource to help you decide which trees to plant where.

Energy Generation

Case Study: Pomona Solar Co-Operative

Community Energy England: What is Community Energy

Energy Saving in Buildings

Keep Herefordshire Warm

Herefordshire Building Infra Red Heat Loss Map

Community Engagement

David Urry’s Tips for Community Engagement

HGN: The Great Collaboration, Stage 1 Evaluation