Community Engagement

David Urry’s Tips for Community Engagement.

Against a backdrop of growing concern about polarisation, our Britain Talks Climate project – released on 18 November – will provide the climate community with an evidence-based, shared and strategic understanding of the British public as well as recommendations for how to engage across the whole of society.

Going beyond ‘left vs right’ or ‘leave vs remain’ to uncover seven nuanced segments of the British public, Britain Talks Climate captures our differences and our commonalities, and offers detailed guidance for how to engage people on climate change.

Presentation on Win: Win approach to community action by Perry Walker, co-founder of Talk Shop, which stimulates constructive conversation, and runs the Open Up website, which helps people work out what they think about the issues of the day.

YES Energy Solutions is working with Herefordshire Council to help their residents keep warm and save money on their energy bills.