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An example of a successful community car share organisation. Please contact the club if you would like guidance with setting up your own car share club.

The Aim of the St James and Bartonsham Car Club is to reduce the carbon emissions associated with transport and to provide a cheaper, more resilient transport system for the benefit of local residents.

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To help you access the funding we have summarised the guidance in a way that is easy to use but if you have further questions after reading this please get in touch.

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Grants to provide residential on-street chargepoints for plug-in electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle charge points procurement guidelines. The aim is to provide an overview of processes and procedures involved when procuring Chargepoints.


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Hereford Sustainable Transport Group provide frequent useful newsletters and reports on all aspects of sustainable transport. They are also willing to provide advice on projects such as setting up local parish bus services, demand responsive transport and community cycle schemes. To get onto their newslink list please contact or