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I’m sure everyone reading this newsletter shares the anger and sadness at the news that the iconic tree at Sycamore Gap on Hadrian’s Wall has been felled in a wanton act of vandalism. Why is it that someone can put so much time and effort into destroying a feature of the natural world that gives delight to so many? Why can they not put that energy into preserving and enhancing it?

By contrast, HGN members are actively working to protect our environment. See the posts below for news of forthcoming events including, at this time of year, lots of apple orientated activities and a meeting about toxic waste leaking from Sutton Walls – less head-line grabbing but more insidiously destructive of the local environment.

There was an HGN online gathering last week at which Mike Head from Ethical Investors in Cheltenham gave an engaging and informative presentation on the evolution of ideas on how to use your money to benefit the world and not destroy it. Anyone who missed the event can watch it online by Clicking here

BUILDING SENSE held two recent webinars which are now on the HGN Youtube channel. Click here to watch ‘Winter Ready – quick wins for a cosier home’  and Click here to watch ‘Summer Comfort: keeping cool in a warming climate’.

Green Doors will be taking place in October throughout Herefordshire, Shropshire and Powys and surrounding counties. Click here for more details.