Planning Resilience for Extreme Weather in 2030


Perry Walker and others have been working on creating an exploratory workshop that will facilitate an exploration what people in Herefordshire need to do to understand the problems and develop ideas and solutions to counter the impacts that most climate scientists expect us to experience in 2030.
Those solutions, if put in place, that would create a resilient community that thinks ahead to solve approaching crises, rather than waiting for the impact and reacting. In other words, building a truly resilient community.

The meeting will be upstairs at De Koffie Pot, Hereford, Wednesday November 8th at 7pm.

Click here and click here for more information (an extract of a report from The Schumacher Institute) that outlines the range of risks that will be looked at with regard to Community Resilience. The meeting will be focusing on the first one – Extreme Weather.

Contact Perry Walker 07858 750936 for more information.