Final Help for completing Alternative Fuel Payment Scheme

Gordon Coppock has put together a useful summary below for people who are off the gas grid in the county and who have not received their Alternative Fuel Bill Support payment automatically.

This information is intended as support and information for those who have not connected to the gas grid and have not yet been paid the £200 Alternative Fuel payment automatically (via their electricity company) .

For chasing up your application you will need to contact the central gov helpline here as soon as possible.

The crazy thing about this process is that if anything is wrong with your application or bill data that you provided you will not be contacted, the application is simply on hold!

Initially anyone that submitted a bill that was for fuel purchase outside of the time window stated was automatically rejected and not advised of this, even though the government department then realised the time window was impractical and changed it to allow purchase of fuel last summer in preparation for last winter which is not unusual when off the gas grid.

The central government group has to give permission to the HCC that its ok to pay – note that this is NOT a fault of the local Herefordshire council , they have simply been told to administer the payments when approved by the central government department. The Alternative Fuel Payment scheme is being administered by the Council Tax team at HCC. Please email and quote Alternative Fuel Payment and your case reference after you have spoken to the government helpline. The team will then be able to check and advise next steps etc.

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