Herefordshire Residents encouraged to act to avoid energy price rises

Tariffs provided by the Big 6 energy providers have or are scheduled to rise in the coming months, by as much as 10% for dual-fuel households, potentially affecting thousands of Herefordshire residents. Homeowners and tenants are being encouraged to take action to ensure they are on the best possible deal.

Five of the big six energy companies (E.ON, EDF Energy, npower, Scottish Power and SSE) have announced significant price rises across their standard tariffs, with most standard tariff dual fuel customers facing an increase of between £80 and £100 per year.

British Gas have announced that their prices will be frozen until August, but they are widely expected to join the other companies in raising their tariffs.

Some of the smaller energy suppliers have also announced price increases, although some of these are smaller than those announced by the Big Six.

Moving to a fixed price tariff, where prices are frozen for a certain period of time (e.g. a year), is one of the easiest ways to avoid energy cost increases going into the winter. This can even be done with your existing supplier, with no need to move to a different company. Many residents may find that they already pay too much for the tariff they are currently on with government figures suggesting millions of UK households could save on average £200 a year by moving to a more appropriate deal.

Oliver Rothwell, Project Manager for Keep Herefordshire Warm said;

“with many suppliers announcing upcoming price hikes, now is the ideal time to take action to make sure you can avoid any price rises and ensure you are protected from any future price increases. We are encouraging any residents to contact the advice line for assistance in assessing their tariff or supplier options”.

Keep Herefordshire Warm can provide advice on all aspects of energy tariffs and suppliers and can talk through tariff options, discuss different suppliers and support residents with any ongoing issues with their supplier, such as fuel debt or inaccurate billing. Other energy issues can also be discussed including issues with inefficient or broken heating. Grants and practical assistance for struggling households is also still available.

Keep Herefordshire Warm advice and support is available on 0800 677 1432 or via email at

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