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Next week, 22 September, Richard Priestley’s talk “Is a better future possible?”
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Richard Priestly : “Is a better future possible?”

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WEDNESDAY 29 SEPTEMBER 2021: Positive Thinking Session : “Should there be a zero-tolerance approach to road deaths?”;

WEDNESDAY 6 OCTOBER 2021 ZOOM 7.30pm : “Your Council – Your Voice!” With three guest speakers.
Building on our successful Women and Local Democracy Koffie Pot Talk in May, Herefordshire Women’s Equality Group (HWEG) follows up with an evening of key statistics and stories about how to make local politics more woman and young people-friendly.
Never before counted, and missing from the official data collected by our County Council, the gender ratio of our 137 Herefordshire Parish Councils was unknown – until now!   We will be revealing our research on which councils are male dominated, which have no women at all, the ones that are female dominated, and the ones that have vacancies right now.   Come and hear inspiring stories, take part in the discussions and help to make your county a better place for women and young people.
De Koffie Pot Talk – Your Council – Your Voice!

RSVP for a Zoom link to womensequality@gmail.com
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