News from Kington KLEEN

Richard Priestley will present his new book SYSTEM CHANGE NOW! on Tuesday 20th September from 7pm at the Oxford Arms

Richard looks at the network of crises (climate, ecological, poverty etc) and explores numerous examples of how things could be better, from politics and economics to land use and energy generation. We could lower carbon emissions rapidly while improving the lives of the mass of humanity, but to do so we need change on a massive scale. Richard is giving a series of talks at venues across Herefordshire, and gradually more shops are stocking his book (which has no ISBN number and so will not be in libraries or most bookshops). More details on his website Click here

Apple Pressing on Saturday 24th September from 11am – lots of fruit seems to be ripening earlier and this year, the first Walnuts have appeared on the public fruit and nut trees planted in Kington Community Orchards 9 years ago.