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Join Transition Leominster for the online worldwide premier of Mama Irene, Healer of the Andes followed by a ceremonial celebration

An exclusive glimpse into Mama Irene's World

A time for contemplation and prayer,
A time to connect and listen to Spirit,
A time to experience your true self, in the presence of a revered elder.
Join the event for a livestream ceremony and prayer for the world on November 19th with Mama Irene herself and with her grand-nephew and medicine man Puma Quispe Singona. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend time with a wisdom keeper and woman shaman from the Andes

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Together, Mama Irene and Puma will share with us about the origins of their wisdom and traditions, about Mama Irene’s sacred relationship with Pachamama and how mountain spirits guide her. You will have the opportunity to send your questions for Mama Irene and Puma to answer.

After the conversation, you will participate in the ancient and sacred ritual of coca leaf reading.

If you have access to coca leaves, please have some with you at the time of the livestream ceremony. Alternatively, you can bring bay leaves—or just bring yourself!

The event is planned to last for 90 minutes—however, Mama Irene and Spirits don’t always move according to plan, so please join with an open mind and be ready to welcome what comes!

If you didn’t already see the movie :
Get your tickets now and watch the documentary on vimeo any time between November 1 and 20, 2022

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