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It’s (meteorological) Spring! What better time to learn from Nature, for individual and community resilience and sustainability?

On Tuesday evening (5 March), local trainer and author Alan Heeks will be running an online session based on his new book, Natural Happiness.

Many people find that contact with Nature is a source of wellbeing: what’s different here is going deeper by cultivating ourselves like a natural organism, using parallels from organic gardens.  Alan shows how we can cultivate human nature using ‘composting’ for stress, and ‘crop rotation’ to avoid burnout.

The session is free to attend, and along with Alan’s talk he’ll offer a couple of short exercises where you can try Alan’s approaches for yourself, and ask questions. The exercises will explore:
  • how cultivated ecosystems work, and the parallels with human nature
  • ways to nourish yourself by deepening your roots and harnessing natural energy sources
  • the skill of composting to gain insights and positive momentum from stress and negative feelings
  • positive ways to engage with and grow through the climate crisis, e.g. regenerative methods.
Alan will also brief us on new research co-funded by his Seeding our Future project to identify resources to help local communities grow their resilience to adapt to climate change, food security and other issues.
Places for this free session are limited, so sign up now! 

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