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One of the glories of this time of year is the re-emergence of wildlife as the weather warms after the winter (although this year it seems as if it is never going to get warmer!). Many insects and other invertebrates tuck themselves away in the autumn, under dead leaves or bark, in the ground or in sheds and outhouses, to shelter from the worst of the weather and emerge when the temperatures pick up. A few of our native mammals hibernate and are now reappearing. This coming week celebrates one of these: Hedgehog Awareness Week runs from 30th April to 6th May. Get involved to help these endearing little creatures whose numbers have dropped so drastically over recent years.

Like hedgehogs, we humans get out and about more once the weather improves. Over the summer months, the HGN team will be attending events and fairs with a green theme, hoping to see you in person, and meet new HGN members. The first of these will be this Sunday, when we will be at Spring Greens, at Court of Noke, Pembridge. (See the next post for full details). We will be there to get the message out about what we do, about our Great Collaboration project and about Building Sense. We will be helped by some of our new volunteers. If you would like to volunteer for us too, contact Rachel on admin@hgnetwork.org.

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