News from Transition Leominster

Transition Leominster has notched up a success with the launch of Leominster Car Share (‘LECS’) a community car pool in the making. It’s designed for low-mileage drivers who may only need a car two or three times a week. We have two cars available to members via online booking (and plan to expand).
As a result, two members of the launch group have got rid of their own cars and two other households have dispensed with their second car. This is what it’s all about!
We now have a full-colour leaflet all about this initiative. To enquire about membership contact the Membership Secretary at

Now for some planned dates – these, of course, may change due to Covid regulations:
Friday 7th January – Plantastik café cic opens after our winter break

Saturday 8th January 10am – 12.30pm – Repair Cafe at Leominster Community Centre.

Portable household items, tools & toys, especially welcome, but not TVs or micro waves.
This will be a drop off repair café.
Items will be assessed & repaired if possible, then collected/returned as arranged with owners.Visitors must wear a mask.

Tuesday 11th January  – First session of Leominster Community Choir
Saturday 15th January 11am – Wassail meet in Corn Square
Saturday 5 February 10am – 2pm –  Seed Swap & Potato Day, Courtyard Theatre Hereford
Leominster’s seed swap is usually the following Saturday.