Gleaning, Picking and Making – Herefordshire Food Alliance

Are you an organisation working with volunteers or working with fresh surplus food here in Herefordshire? Or both? 

The Herefordshire Food Alliance has secured funding for picking and processing surplus in Herefordshire!  Thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund they are able to put in to practice some of the ideas from the surplus event back in November last year.

They have said they will:

  • Network the groups with, or gathering fresh surplus  (community gardens and orchards, foodshares, farmers)
  • Support five community organisations to train and organise their volunteers, and recruit more for picking and processing
  • Support organisations to respond to surplus through the growing season with picking and processing events.

This could be: picking apples in a community orchard that would otherwise not have been picked; clearing a field of a crop after the main pick is done (or if the supermarket have let the farmer down); a cheese making session with surplus milk…  it will depend on you, and on what the food system throws up this season!

Click here for more details and how to make contact with the food alliance.

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