Transition Leominster Upcoming Events including AGM

Transition Leominster is the local group working towards an equitable, sustainable and resilient Leominster.

There are three dates for your diaries coming up:

Saturday 9th October 10.00 – 12.30: Drop off repair café at the Community Centre .

Wednesday 20th October 10am: Cycling group – meet in Corn Square for a gentle trip to a café and back in time for lunch.


Transition Leominster

Annual General Meeting
Review of activities & election of officers
Tuesday, November 9th at 7pm
Leominster Community Centre, School Road, Leominster
Guest Speakers: Hanna Woodall, Annie Wood and Brendan Sheehy
“Why we launched the Plantastik Café”
Leominster’s new café serving solely plant-based foods opened for business in May
 and is making good use of foods that would otherwise go to waste.
 The trio behind the project describe how it came into being.
The talk follows conclusion of AGM business.