System Change Now! A new book by Richard Priestley

Richard Priestley has just self-published a new book. It has no ISBN number and is therefore not available via normal bookshop and library channels. He hopes to promote it by giving talks in village halls and other venues across Herefordshire and beyond. He also wants to get a number of shops to stock it. If you can help with either of these, or you want to buy a copy directly, please e-mail

The book is one man’s vision of a better future – healing a network of crises: Climate, Ecological, Political, Social and Economic through a Global Green New Deal to achieve human liberation & planetary rewilding.

Chapter 1: System Change & A Global Green New Deal

Chapter 2: System Change: Politics, Economics & Society

Chapter 3: Energy, Infrastructure & Materials

Chapter 4: Food, Farming & Biodiversity

Chapter 5: System Change & Regional Geographies

Chapter 6: Creating Change: What we can do

Chapter 7: Postscript: Putin & Possibilities


The book is for sale in Hey Honey in Church Street, Hereford. Price £10.00.

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