Caplor Energy Event

Caplor Energy is excited to announce a five-day event celebrating “100 years @ Caplor”. The event will take place from the 5th to the 9th of June 2023, with each day having a specific focus on each of Caplor Energy’s sectors and valued stakeholders, with common themes of renewable energy and sustainability running across the entire event.

Caplor Energy was founded by Gareth Williams in 2007 on Caplor Farm, which has been farmed by his family since 1923. The business was born out of Gareth’s alarm at the impact of climate change on farming practices, and his realisation that the urgent adoption of renewable energy technologies was necessary to combat climate change’s harmful effects. With Caplor Energy representing the latest chapter in the Williams family’s story at Caplor Farm, the event will be a celebration of a 100 year-long contribution to the sustainable rural economy.

“100 Years @ Caplor” or CapFest as it’s called colloquially, represents a significant landmark for Caplor Energy and has been planned to promote the benefits of renewable energy and sustainable living. The event will feature a wide variety of workshops, seminars, and exhibits, as well as local music and food.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be announcing CapFest, and cannot wait to join our customers, partners, supporters and members of our local community to celebrate 100 years of Caplor,” said Gareth Williams, Founder of Caplor Energy.

The event will take place at Caplor Farm, which is home to Caplor Energy’s headquarters. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about renewable energy technologies, such as solar PV and heat pumps, and to see them in action. Each day will also feature specialist workshops and lectures, with guest presenters from Caplor Energy’s trusted network of partners, including Good Energy, NFU Energy, Unitherm, Mitsubishi and Huawei.

“Not only will CapFest be a fun and educational event, but it will be an opportunity for us to thank all those who have made Caplor what it is today. While many of those attending will already be passionate advocates of renewable energy themselves, we hope it will inspire them even further on their personal and professional journeys to a brighter, more sustainable future” said Williams.

Click here for an overview of Capfest and for details of each day’s activities, Click here for Domestic Day on 6th June; Click here for the Agri-event on 7th June and Click here for Commercial Day on 8th June.