Feeling Towns Project

The Feeling Towns project engaged with hundreds of local people, organisations and community groups across the UK. We’re hugely grateful for your support in making this possible.

The final online sandpit event, “Pride in Place: Community Power”, on Tuesday 27th September 2–3.30pm. This event is specifically designed for community-focused organisations and will provide a springboard for open discussions about the meaning and value of “pride in place”.


2.00: Nicky Marsh: Feeling Towns introduction and recap

2.10: Joseph Owen: Methodologies and activities from Darlington, Herefordshire and Southampton

2.15: Michael Howcroft: Summary of key findings and recommendations

2.20: Partner provocations: Empowering communities, decision-making and pride

            Jason Murphy (Southampton City Council)

            Chris Mains (Darlington Borough Council)

2.35: Pause to summarise the discussion, sort breakout rooms, and note down thoughts and questions

2.40: Breakout rooms to discuss key questions:

            What do we expect to happen if we increase pride in place?

            How will measuring pride in place lead to better decision making?

            What do community organisations need to address pride in place?

3.00: Plenary

3.20: Next steps

3.30: Finish

We’re limiting the sandpit to 25 participants, including representatives from communities and cultural organisations as well as policy professionals and academics.

Please RSVP to this email with the following at your earliest convenience: 

  • Please confirm your attendance (plus any colleagues).
  • Do you consent for us to include your names and contact details on a participant list?
  • Do you consent for us to record the session? This will not be shared beyond the research team.

Zoom links and a participant list will be circulated before the event. If you have comments or questions, feel free to get in touch.

Best wishes,

The Feeling Towns Team: Nicky, Michael and Joseph

Feeling Towns | Southampton Institute of Arts and Humanities

@AndTowns | www.andtowns.co.uk/feelingtowns

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