Would You Know What To Do and How To Cope In A Flood? 

A little forward planning is always a good idea – so if you live in an area at risk of flooding, this talk is for you.  Taking place on Monday 26th September at 7.30pm at the Wellington Community Centre HR4 8AZ, it’s WI hosted but open to anyone.

The WI will be welcoming two speakers; Mary Dhonau, a specialist independent flood resilience consultant, who works to raise local flood awareness and advises on flood mitigation and resilience.  Mary will talk about what it’s like to flood and use inspirational case studies to explain how it is possible to plan and prepare so that the dreadful impacts of flooding on homes and businesses can be dramatically reduced.

They also have Steve Hodges, Directorate Services Team Leader at Herefordshire Council, and the lead officer for flood risk management. He will outline the Council’s communication channels during a flooding event and explain their role in flood response and recovery.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME – £4 for WI members, £6 for non-members, to include refreshments.

Email:  sjwalker253@gmail.com or phone 01873 860607 for more details.