HGN Themes 2017

At our workshop with Looby Macnamarra back in the spring of 2016 it was agreed that we should adopt themes for the year to inform and guide our work. The HGN steering group have discussed a number of possible ideas, and based on current local group activity suggest that our themes for 2017 might be:

  1. Water
  2. Low Carbon

The Water theme has already been taken up in a funding bid to Patagonia (“Water Protectors”), and in a bid to Elmley to support activity at the River Carnival around the theme of “River Stories”. We have a water theme running through the h.Energy Village at the River Carnival this year, in song stories and art work, and also in the information & activities available from local organisations.

Idealistic Home is the theme of Spring Greens this year, which of course strongly represents our low carbon element, and might well spill over into h.Energy 2017…

If any organisations would be interested in working with us further on the water protectors or low carbon theme, either in collaboration with local communities or by hosting county events and actions, please get in touch.

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