Good Law Project campaign to protect the River Wye

Pollution from intensive farming is causing the slow death of the River Wye – the UK’s fourth-longest river. This ecological damage will be worsened by a new farming development on the banks of the River Dore, a tributary to the River Wye. All outstanding attempts by local activists to prevent the development from going ahead have failed. The High Court and the Court of Appeal have both endorsed Herefordshire Council’s rubber-stamping of the Bage Court Farm development which threatens the habitats of a range of internationally important species.

Good Law Project is supporting campaigners to challenge these decisions in the Supreme Court.

Success could have national implications: it would make thorough assessments of the ecological impact of new livestock developments a legal requirement. This is a vital step if our rivers and waterways are to be protected for generations to come.

If you would like to support the legal challenge to save the River Wye or find out more about the case, click below:


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