Applying for energy bill support (if you do not get it automatically)

Households who have not yet received their £400 energy bills support may now be eligible to apply through the Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding (EBSS AF).

The funding helps support people who live in households without a domestic electricity meter or do not have a direct relationship with an energy supplier. So if you pay for energy through a landlord, housing manager or site owner, or live in a park home, houseboat or off the electricity grid, you can check your eligibility and apply for the scheme on the website.

Applications for the scheme will close on 31st May 2023 (so make sure to look and apply soon!). Households without online access or who need support completing their application can contact the government helpline on 0808 175 3287 where a representative will guide them through the application process.

Please help share this message far and wide in your networks, and to those who may be eligible for the £400 support.

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