Climate quiz whizzes wanted!

Now here’s a clever idea from Perry Walker. He’s trying to get every pub quiz in the county to include a section on climate change in the autumn, and we’d like our brilliant Network to support his initiative.

You can help by:
* Letting us know which pubs you frequent and whether they have a quiz team or not. If they do, can you give us the name of the quizmaster/mistress and contact details?
* Suggesting questions. Think about what would interest a non-specialist. We think they should meet one or more of these criteria: be about solutions; be surprising in some way; be about daily life.

We can send you the developing list of questions if you are interested, but here’s an example:

Q1.According to Donald Trump who created the concept of global warming?

  1. China 
  2. The Democrats 
  3. Mexico 
  4. North Korea

[Answer = China]

Please email Perry Walker with your questions and suggestions.

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