The Great Collaboration – Act Now!

The green agenda is increasingly featured in our news and social media feeds, particularly with the record-breaking heat wave and climate change issues we are all experiencing. We are certainly becoming more conscious of our effect on the planet but how can we actually make a positive change?

Enter The Great Collaboration

A website that helps you to influence local government whilst simultaneously suggesting practical tips to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Why not explore The Great Collaboration, your Toolkit for recording your carbon-reducing actions and influencing local council policy. Take a look today and see how you can make a difference in 4 simple steps:

  1. Head to, open the Toolkit and browse the actions available
  2. Take your pick of the actions you’d like to do by simply clicking ‘commit
  3. See an action you’ve already done, or can’t do right now? Tell us about those too! Every action recorded adds to the valuable picture of what’s happening in your community.
  4. Register your details with us to stay in touch and allow us to add your actions to the local council report.


Carefully Researched Actions

We’ve researched more than 60 different carbon-reducing actions, grouped them into categories, and rated them by cost and carbon impact. The Centre for Alternative Energy reviewed these actions and we have been supported by local experts in their field. There are actions suitable for all individual circumstances. You’ll find them all waiting for you in the Toolkit, so why not take a look and see what you can do.

Playing Your Part Locally

By using the Toolkit to select carbon and emission reduction actions, you’ll be playing your part in reducing the impact of climate change on us all.

What’s more, we’ll use your anonymous information, along with everyone else’s in your community to paint a powerful picture of what’s happening locally. We’ll share that picture with your local council, ensuring that your actions, aspirations and needs will help them formulate policies and develop a carbon reduction plan based on specific, local needs.

Join The Great Collaboration now to get started – simply visit our website, register your details and start selecting the actions you’d like to take (or have already taken) from the toolkit.

We’d love to have you on our local team – together we can all make a real difference.