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The AGM on 8th October brought some new ideas, the first being to start meeting regularly:  Transition Leominster’s Informal Get-together evenings to chat about suggestions to make Leominster a greener, more sustainable town, exchange views and meet with like-minded people.  Open to all, the monthly get-togethers will be on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, the first one being on 9th November 7pm in The Chequers pub, Etnam Street, Leominster.  The group hope to see some of you there.
Transition Leominster would like to open an Instagram account so is there anyone who can help with that? It was suggested that the account needs a more snappy name:

maybe LEG(Leominster Environment Group) – Can anyone think of something better! Come with ideas on 9th November or email
Paul is stepping down from the role of organiser at the Repair Café in May 2023. He has given plenty of notice so that a new person can learn the ropes in the next six months. This is a great opportunity to contribute – if interested, email

Rupert, Campaigner at Power for People is asking you to write to your MP: Ask your MP to ‘please write to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg, and ask that the government support measures to enable growth for community energy schemes, such as the amendments to the Energy Bill proposed by Baroness Bennett, in any upcoming emergency energy legislation’

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