BUILDING SENSE Events in October

HGN’s BUILDING SENSE is on the road this month! We’re joining the Green Group’s FREE household energy clinic in Almeley Village Hall on Saturday 22nd October and will be in Staunton on Wye on Saturday 29th October with the Jarvis Charities. Join us for advice and information on how to save energy and money AND stay warmer this winter. We’re looking for volunteers to help in Staunton on Wye so if you think you can spare an hour or two please email

With just two weekends left of Herefordshire Green Doors we’ve got a fabulous line-up to keep you busy and inspired including a sustainable, partially off-grid, timber house built under caravan regs in Much Marcle, a 19th century cottage showing off lots of green tech in Woonton, a passive house standard, self-build cattle shed conversion in Spond, a 19th century stone DIY retrofit in Peterchurch, a 1930’s bungalow that was retrofit to passive house standard AND just over the border in New Invention near Knighton, a 1840’s former pub that’s in the throws of retrofit, including an 11 acre field conservation project that you’ll also be able to see!

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Monday 31st October 12pm: One year on — living with an air source heat pump and solar PV
Join our lunchtime talk as Dave Green explains what its actually like to live with an air source heat pump in a 1930’s semi in Shrewsbury. Home energy professional Dave had an air source heat pump installed in his 1930’s semi in May 2021 as part of a staged home retrofit project. He’s been monitoring his home’s energy performance since its installation and shares his findings. To find out more and book, Click here.

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