Creation of wild-flower rich habitats in North Herefordshire

Are you a landowner in North Herefordshire? Would you like help and advice in creating wildflower-rich habitats on your land?

UK conservation charity Buglife are working with partners in Shropshire and North Herefordshire to build a landscape scale, habitat connectivity project across the two counties. The project will seek to restore and create wildflower-rich habitats in our countryside following Buglife’s national B-lines network. The B-lines network is a connected framework of 3km wide pathways that run across the entire UK, connecting all of our counties. The pathways join up our best remaining patches of wildflower habitat, and tell us where the most strategic place for habitat creation and restoration is to achieve landscape connectivity and enable wildlife to move through our landscape. Buglife and partners have been working in Shropshire to fill in these pathways with hay meadows, species-rich grazing pastures and wildflower-rich arable margins, and we are now looking to develop a project that takes in the B-line that crosses from Shropshire into Herefordshire.

In North Herefordshire we are working with the Herefordshire Meadows group to find interested landowners who would like to be involved in this exciting project. We are looking for sites where we can create or restore species-rich grassland on land parcels of or over two hectares in size. To view the online interactive B-lines map, Click here  If you are a landowner within the B-line shown on the map and you would like to submit your interest to being involved in this new project we would love to hear from you. We will be able to offer landowners who fall within the project focus area; advice, soil analysis, vegetation surveys, wildflower seed and tailored management plans.

Email Project Officer Kate Jones on by February 11th to register your interest in being involved in the project.

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