Unite to Survive South West Day of Action

Invitation to a South West Unite to Survive Climate, Nature & Social Justice Event in Bath

In April, more than 200 organisations – and over 100,000 people – came together in London to highlight the crises we are facing. This included Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Tearfund and many others.

It is necessary to build on this momentum. To do this, South West Unite to Survive for Climate, Nature and Social Justice are inviting people to be involved in a South West Day of Action on Saturday 28th October. This inclusive, family-friendly day will be in Bath. It will provide people with the chance to gather together peacefully to share their concerns and seek change.

The climate and nature crises are connected to all of our social issues. The cost of living crisis is the price of climate and environmental inaction along with the pursuit of huge profits for a few, to the detriment of so many. An effective strategy for change is needed and, right now, all signs point towards needing cooperation between groups, movements and individuals to bring this about.

The group would love you to join them, to collaborate, and help make this possible. They are a global, non-violent network and, as in April at The Big One, this protest will not disrupt the public or promote law-breaking.

Reasons to be involved:
* To increase public support for action on the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and social injustice through mobilisation and media coverage

* To build alliances between groups who are concerned about the crises we face and strengthen networks

* To send strong messages to Members of Parliament and local government

* To raise community spirit

For further details e-mail: accessinclusionsw@protonmail.com or phone 07773 193704

XR Marches group is organising a coach to go to the Bath Family Friendly Event and to see what is happening.

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XR Marches are taking the street theatre ‘Trial of Cargill’ and Lady Wye will be present with the Goddess of the River.