Climate Change Action still being delayed by vested interests.

A BBC programme last week dramatised the events of the ‘Climategate’ scandal in 2009 in which Professor Phil Jones and his team of climatologists at the University of East Anglia find that their work has been hacked by climate change deniers and turned into the first big fake-news story. The deniers and corporations with vested interests skilfully create the image of climate change as a conspiracy being perpetrated by academic scientists. Although an inquiry concludes that there was no case for Jones and his team to answer, it has taken a decade for the public perception of the veracity of climate change to recover. The programme demonstrates how climate change action is being delayed by deceit, lies and obfuscation by powerful groups. To watch the programme Click here.

Please send the link on to any contacts who may not be fully aware that this obfuscation is still going on. We need to be able to critique what is in the media at present and be able to inform others about what is happening.

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