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Woodland for Sale – Dinedor, Hereford


A small parcel of broadleaf woodland (approx 4 acres) has come up for sale at Dinedor, just south of Hereford, with a guide price of £50k.

To see the details Click here

XR Marches have circulated the details amongst members and there has been a good level of interest from people willing to contribute towards funding an offer on the land, with the idea of managing it as a Community Woodland.

There has also been an informal offer from a local Community Land Trust that we contacted, to buy the land in their name, if a group of us can crowdfund to raise the money.

It means that the CLT would own the woodland but we would manage it, with help & advice from them, and with a CLT Board member as part of our Management Committee.

We have someone ready to set up a CrowdFunder to raise the money, which gives everyone the chance to contribute as much as they can, even just a few pounds and enthusiastic members interested in being part of a Management Committee, but no-one with the available time to lead on this.

So, calling out to all HGN members – is there anyone who would like to look into this further and get involved in taking it forward?

Please get back to me on by Saturday 22nd May.


Christina O’Neill


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