Futures for Farming and Our Rivers Talk

Natalie Bennett is speaking at The Burton Hotel in Kington on Saturday 30th April 7:30pm. She will be speaking about ‘Futures for Farming and Our Rivers’ looking at how advances in agroecology could make a huge difference in Herefordshire. Caring for our soil is Natalie’s first love and she’s had rich recent experience in the House of Lords, working hard to improve government legislation.

Natalie is being joined by Ellie Chowns (Herefordshire cabinet member for economy & environment) and Helen Hamilton of Marches Planning, both bringing their stories about lobbying and campaigning for better farming and clean rivers in Herefordshire.

There will be plenty of lively discussion and consideration of the latest examples of best and worst practice. The event will also be available via Zoom for those not able to attend in person. Register your place here.

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