Working with Wildlife

I caught a glimpse of a flash of yellow and later heard a brief burst of a repetitive two tone song earlier this week. To see the first Brimstone butterfly of the year and hear the first Chiffchaff are real signs that Spring is on its way – that the weather is warming and flowers are starting to bloom; that migrant birds are returning to set up territories and find mates. Such encounters with the natural world, no matter how fleeting, gladden the heart.

We will no longer enjoy such uplifting moments if we do not protect the habitats that wildlife calls home, working with and alongside nature, rather than destroying it. Our next HGN Gathering looks at these issues in the context of food production.

On 19th April 5.30pm – 7.00pm, online. Andrew De La Haye will be speaking about Permaculture.

Permaculture is a holistic approach to growing food regeneratively, using methods that require minimal input from people whilst creating maximum habitats for wildlife. To book for this FREE online event Click here

If you want to find out more and receive practical advice, the Permaculture Association runs courses on The Foundations of Permaculture and on Growing Food In Small Spaces

In other posts in this newsletter, Green Group Almeley are hosting a talk on the subject of what we can all do to help wildlife; Growing Local are looking for a grower experienced in agroecological/organic principles; and there are details of upcoming courses run by Applewood, along with plenty of other news from round the county.