Beneficial Networks

The autumn colours have been particularly spectacular this year: gold and bronze, yellow and red glowing in the low slanting sunlight. Recent winds and rain have brought down many of the leaves but hopefully there will still be a good show for National Tree Week which starts this Saturday. Several of the events in this week’s newsletter from our member groups celebrate the county’s wonderful trees. You can learn how to prune orchard trees, to coppice, or just get out and enjoy trees in your local area with like minded people.

Trees have incredibly complex networks of roots below ground supported by mycorrhizal fungi, which feed their growth and allow them to share information. Similarly, Herefordshire Green Network provides communication between groups and individuals within the county, sharing news, supporting activities and disseminating ideas. We are asking everyone to join and support us in our work. If you have already joined us and made a membership donation, thank you. If you have renewed your membership but not made a donation, please do so – even a small sum helps us to continue our work. If you have not joined, or renewed, click here for our recent membership reminder with links to individual membership renewal details. Click here  to sign up for group membership and here for parish council membership.  Thank you!

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