The Millichap Peace Fund talk via Zoom: Is a Better Future Possible?

The Millichap Peace Fund: Is a better future possible?

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Richard Priestley Wed 22nd Sept at 7.30pm via Zoom



Worldwide people are demanding system change in order to avert climate catastrophe.


Richard Priestley will argue that the global crises we face at present are all interlinked and are evidence of system failure. He will portray his vision of a very different future, more peaceful, less polluting and how a more equal global society might look and how we might get there.

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Humanity faces an unprecedented range of crises. The global climate is rapidly becoming destabilized, countless species are in decline, inequality has become very much more extreme, and many indicators of health and happiness are looking grim. Warfare, violence and conflict continue unabated. Richard Priestley will argue that these crises are all interlinked and are evidence of system failure. The school strikes for climate movement, and many other groups, often use the phrase ‘System Change Not Climate Change’. What is meant by System Change and why does it matter?

In this talk Richard will portray his vision of a very different future. He will try and show how a more peaceful, less polluting and more equal global society might look and how we might get there. He will also touch upon what we as individuals can do to be part of the change. The talk is essentially a very brief synopsis of a book he is working on and hopes to have finished by spring 2022.

Richard gave his first talk linking climate change, pollution and poverty and his vision for a better future in 1972 while still in Sixth Form. Since then he has pursued an eclectic mix of odd jobs, long journeys on foot and bicycle, entrepreneurial projects, academic study and political activism. He had a thirty year period of not speaking out publicly, but then for the last fifteen years he has spoken extensively in venues as varied as in Parliament, at an occupy encampment at St Paul’s cathedral and at countless village halls, and since the pandemic on Zoom. He has led dozens of evening classes on the subject of how best to move from ‘The Fossil-Fuel Age’ to ‘The Solar Age’.

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The talk will be hosted by The Millichap Peace Fund, Hereford Quaker Meeting, Registered charity no 1134528

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