County to get new Sustainability Centre at Queenswood

The Queenswood Managing Partnership, New Leaf Sustainable Development and Herefordshire Wildlife Trust have been awarded funds from the National Lottery Community Fund and the Herefordshire Community Fund to start Phase 1 of the project to host a Sustainability Centre at Queenswood, the Green Heart of Herefordshire.

Phase 1 funding will pay for the development and creation of exhibitions and educational sessions about how to live more sustainably, workshops and a hub where people can meet, access information and gain knowledge that can be shared with communities across the county.

Wendy Ogden, the Queenswood Sustainability Lead, said: “We were delighted by the enthusiastic response to our online survey about what people would like to see at the Sustainability Centre and we plan to incorporate the issues that meant most to our survey respondents: how we can live within our means in a culture of growth; eliminating single use plastics from our lives; creating wildlife habitats; and wildlife friendly gardening. 

We are looking forward to providing information and resources to inform people about global sustainability issues, along with information about how they can make a difference here in Herefordshire. Thank you to everyone who plays The National Lottery and to the Glencora Fund via the Herefordshire Community Fund for supporting us.”

Work will begin straight away on equipping the Jubilee Building to host the Sustainability Centre and preparing information and resources, with more work planned for the new year having secured the small amount still needed to complete Phase 1. Future plans include online resources and developing links with Herefordshire schools and colleges.

If you are interested in being involved with the project, either as a volunteer or workshop provider or wish to donate to help us reach our Phase 1 target please email

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