Autumn Traditions

My eye was caught yesterday by a sign in a local shop next to a pile of pumpkins for sale. The sign advertised them as ‘Carving Pumpkins’. What on earth is a Carving Pumpkin? Surely it is just a Pumpkin. It highlights the attitude that many people have to pumpkins nowadays: they are no longer seen as a food, but as an item of decoration for Hallowe’en which is then thrown out. At best they are composted. Other people dump them in local parks or woods thinking that they will feed local wildlife. Unfortunately they are poisonous to some wildlife, in particular hedgehogs which will die if they eat them. It is sad, particularly at a time when many so many people are struggling to afford to feed themselves, to see so much perfectly useable food that could make delicious soup or pie, going to waste. One of HGN’s members is working to address this – see Kington Kleen’s post below with news of a Big Pumpkin Cook-up organised by Herefordshire Food Alliance.

And following shortly after Hallowe’en is Bonfire Night. PTES in association with Hedgehog Street are asking people to help spread the word and help hedgehogs this bonfire night. Sadly, hedgehogs are particularly vulnerable at this time of year, as hibernation approaches and a pyre can be mistaken for a hibernation nest. You can help by sending information to event organisers, to ensure that hedgehogs are at the forefront of their mind when organising their November 5th festivities.

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