How Do You Map A Nature Recovery Network?

As Herefordshire enters a new phase of restoring nature to our wildlife depleted landscapes, many may be asking exactly what a Nature Recovery Network is, and how you map it?

Heritage and biodiversity specialist, David Lovelace, will be discussing how we begin the process of mapping these networks, using Llanwarne as an example of in depth mapping and landscape analysis.

David is currently working on an update of the Herefordshire Ancient Woodland Inventory (AWI) for which he is carrying out the mapping and landscape analysis for Natural England and Herefordshire Wildlife Trust. He is also undertaking similar work for the Farming in Protected Landscapes (FIPL) project in the Wye Valley AONB for the Wye and Usk Foundation in partnership with the Herefordshire Meadows project.

‘Looking at Llanwarne and the surrounding area from maps and aerial photographs loaded onto live Geographic Information System (GIS) software will enable people to see the various historic maps, modern aerial photographs and LIDAR in real time,’ said David, ‘so I can pan around to any area on request and zoom in to the details.’

Mapping Nature Recovery Networks will be presented by David Lovelace in Llanwarne Village Hall on Sat 5th Mar at 11am. This is part of Llanwarne’s  Talk Community Café.

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