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There will be a June walk and talk around HWT’s tiny best kept secret in the city – Hampton Park Road Reserve, with warden Ian James.
More details will be posted on our Wilder Hereford page soon.

We are also excited to tell you about an event being planned for early August (TBC) as a joint event with Friends of Bartonsham Meadows

Led by local ecologist Anna Grundy and colleagues, this event will be a BIOBLITZ 24 hour recording of the meadows’ and river margins’ wildlife – bats, moths, butterflies, birds, wildflowers, grasses and more.  This will be an informal fun event for families but there will be limits on some group activity sizes such as the bat walk.

Watch out for more details and booking links via HWT and FoBM websites and newsletters.



Traditional Orchards in Herefordshire: people, wildlife, and culture on Thursday 10th June at 7pm  
Orchards have loomed large in Herefordshire’s culture for centuries. Initially as a source of food, drink, and folklore but latterly also as an invaluable part of our landscape and a priceless wildlife resource.  Join Tim Dixon to explore this incredible and nationally important heritage. Tim spent his career in wildlife conservation before “retiring” to help run the Colwall Orchard Group and to deliver orchard restoration across the Three Counties.

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Citizen Science Friends of the Upper Wye phosphate testing of The River Wye and tributaries.

Member Nicky Geeson reports: A number of local people have now registered to be part of this forthcoming project to monitor water quality near where they live, particularly Eign Brook.  They will be using a probe to monitor the water temperature and electrical conductivity of the sample (which is a measure for the dissolved solids, minerals, and pollutants in the water), a Secchi tube to look at the turbidity level of the water (which indicates sedimentation), and test strips to check levels of phosphates and nitrates.

Training sessions are expected soon, and then we can begin to find out more about the health of our local waterways.

To see more about this project Click Here

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