Herefordshire’s Rivers: Paradise in Peril

Herefordshire’s Rivers: Paradise in Peril is supported by Leominster Priory’s PCC and runs from August 9th to October 7th. Entrance is free; Opening times are 9.30am – 4pm daily. Sunday times are slightly different because of the morning service from 10am -11am.
This exhibition brings you high quality displays from the Woolhope Club on a multiplicity of rivery topics, new data from Citizen Science testing of the Lugg and tributaries, and information from Friends of the Upper Wye, Save the Wye and others involved in awareness raising. Alongside this there are artworks, poetry, textiles and maps to explore and reflect on. It turns out that Leominster Priory had its very own Paradise in medieval times.
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Herefordshire’s rivers are of immense natural and biological significance at a national and European level and have protected status. Many visitors to the county come to visit them. At the end of May Natural England downgraded their status to Unfavourable, declining. The Lugg, which runs through the middle of Leominster, was found to be failing on 3 of the 4 indicators tested. Many people are working hard to address the issues that the plight of our rivers raise. Citizen scientists are taking regular measurements of pollutants. Others are joining local organisations raising awareness through partnerships and community awareness raising events. There are ongoing discussions with supermarkets selling chicken and eggs from the Lugg catchment, which has a very high number of Intensive Poultry Units (IPUs). Construction in North Herefordshire has been at a virtual standstill for some years because of the nitrate levels in the Lugg – this affects house building firms and our local economy.

The exhibition includes panels on ‘What you can do’ and the opportunity to continue the debate by leaving comments in the River’s Visitor book.

From 9th – 13th August Leominster Priory is very pleased to welcome two visiting sculptures: Our Lady of the Waters by Philip Chatfield and Lugg Riverbend at Mortimer’s Cross by Jackie H Morris.
Our Lady of the Waters travelled along the Wye last summer, mounted between two canoes. She visited several churches en route, including Belmont Abbey and made the national press. Lugg Riverbend at Mortimer’s Cross, also completed in 2022, was recently exhibited at the Three Counties Show. This striking piece is the culmination of a community project involving many sewers who embroidered snowdrops and explored the Lugg through poetry and music.