Herefordshire Local Plan Policy Options

From the Herefordshire Council Forward and Neighbourhood Planning Teams: A chance to have your say

The Local Plan 2021-2041 Policy Options consultation will run for 6 weeks from Monday 4 April to 16 May 2022. Herefordshire Council would like to hear your views. The Policy Options set out a summary of the context around each of the policy areas and includes range of possible approaches that the new local plan could include.

As part of the preparation of the new Local Plan for Herefordshire the existing County-wide planning policies need to be reviewed, to determine their effectiveness, consistency with national planning policy and whether they would help to deliver key aspirations of the Herefordshire County Plan. Consideration also needs to be given as to whether there is a need to include additional policies in the local plan in instances where there are gaps in the current policies. The policies will be key in determining planning applications and so it is important that this consultation provides the opportunity for everyone to have their say early in the process of plan making.

The paper does not set out detailed policy wording at this stage, which will come later in the process, but does look at different ways that the policies could be applied in the new plan. The policy options within the consultation paper cover general and county-wide matters they do not refer to specific places or areas within Herefordshire.  Consultation on the policy options for specific places and areas, including the rural settlement hierarchy will take place later this year.

The responses received during this consultation, together with a number of evidence base studies, will help form the draft Local Plan.

For more information about the Local Plan 2021-2041 Policy Options and how to take part, Click here

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