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The City Branch of the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust present a zoom talk by Sam Price on Monday 7th November about his work with Herefordshire’s Local Wildlife Sites. To find out more and book, Click here

AGM Keynote Speech on Collapse of Biodiversity in the River Wye 
What should HWT members be doing about it?

The River Wye is one of the finest rivers in the UK, renowned as a prime Salmon river it also supports rich assemblages of aquatic invertebrates including an impressive list of rare species and associate riverine habitats such its Ranunculus beds.  In the last few years, the biology of the river has changed dramatically.  We are witnessing the trophic collapse of many of the river’s eco-systems.  The very habitats that are defined within the SSSI citation.  All rivers have a remarkable ability to recover if the right conditions prevail, provided some of their tributaries remain in good condition.  Improving the river’s water quality is vital to its recovery along with restoration of riverine habitat. There are a range of other options such as relocation and re-introduction of significant species, support and conservation of keystone species (such as European Beaver) and biomanipulation of fish stocks to improve river quality.

We need a better understanding of the river’s biodiversity so that we can achieve the best possible outcomes for the river’s recovery.  This could take the form of a county-based Citizen Science project to assess and implement restoration.  Such a project needs to work with the cooperation of the other organisations and citizen scientists who are currently involved in the river’s recovery.  It is vital that we work alongside farmers and other landowners to achieve these objectives.

We want you to add to the debate and contribute your ideas and suggestions at the end of the presentation.

Our guest speaker Will Watson is an Ecological Consultant with over 35 years’ experience.  He has project managed and acted as a consultant for several county based HWT conservation projects including the Herefordshire’s Ponds and Newts Project and the Ice Age Pond Project.

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