Saxon Hall’s Waste-Less Gardening & Cooking Club

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Please Vote for us in TESCO stores, Hereford, 1st October – 31st December

Weekly Green Fingers & Cooking Meeting, at Saxon Hall, to share ideas, vegetable & recipes; which will plant ideas, provide growing tips, & give you a taste for easy to prepare food on a waste-less budget.

Contemplate, Celebrate, Come Together.

Our weekly gardening & cooking meeting at Saxon Hall gardens aims to provide the community with a point of socialisation & sharing of skills and support.

Saxon Hall gardens have 3 distinct parts – at the bottom is a CONTEMPLATE area where people can remember those they have lost or think about what the pandemic has done to them.

In the middle is a profusion of colours which CELEBRATE the NHS and their staff for their dedication. The NHS have been using the buildings at Saxon Hall from December 2020 until Spring 2022 for vaccinations. We have a list & photos of 101 plants that individuals can use as a starter to enjoy the gardens. Near these gardens is where the Memorial Statue surrounded by 1200+ memory clay tiles will be erected in October, followed by the Remember & Rebuild launch in the Spring, where Camera On The Community will also be present to record your pandemic experiences.

At the top is the COME TOGETHER area with the raised beds (completely free for people to use) & the polytunnel. This is where we will hold weekly gardening sessions where young, old, families, young people in residential care, carers with the people they support, beginners & experienced gardeners can share their produce, skills & ideas for waste-less gardening. Kids Kitchen will then have live & online cooking sessions to show how to cook easily & on a budget.

The Waste-Less Gardening & Cooking Club will also provide opportunities for individuals to gain an OCN qualification.

What Community Centres are all about really stands out at times of crisis – fun and useful activities build the ties that bind a community together so that when doubt and fear in a crisis can seem insurmountable, the Community Centre is a safe, trustworthy place where those able to give can join with those in need and share the work that will rebuild the community & move on from the pandemic.

Big Skill has for the past ten years shared and developed creative and practical skills, through traditional and contemporary craft workshops/events.  Wherever possible all activities have been made available at no cost and therefore open to all.  We work with the often vulnerable in our society: those with disabilities; people with mental health problems; the lonely and isolated; boosting well-being and promoting positive interaction, as well as environmental understanding through recycling skills and traditional crafts.


Stop Press: During the half term week, we will have 2 Volunteer Gardening Days. On Thursday 28th October, you are invited to plant a willow memory tunnel, hang a wildflower message seed, help tidy up at the Contemplate site and enjoy our home grown veg. On Friday the 29th October, you are invited to meet the famous author Adele Nozedar, who will be there to sign copies of her book, ‘The Tree Forager’. She will also run a foraging workshop.    

On both days kids can win a goodies bag by identifying a dozen plants/trees.

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