Marches Camino – Hereford and Ludlow to Stourport 13th – 17th Sept

Participate in a People’s Walk for the Planet to the International Climate Crisis conference in Glasgow :

The Camino to COP 26 is a ‘Pilgrimage for Climate Justice’ this September/October, walking from London (and beyond including from Europe) via Birmingham to Glasgow in time for COP26. As well as the ‘Main Camino’ there is also a ‘Western Camino’ which will leave from Bristol to join the Main Camino at Birmingham….

And from Herefordshire a ‘Marches Camino’ starting from Ludlow and Hereford will join at Tenbury Wells on the 15th September and then travel east to join the Western Camino at Stourport on the 17th and on to Stourbridge and Birmingham.

You can walk all the way or part of the way or just for a day as you wish, and if you don’t want to walk at all there are other ways to support.

Walkers can join for a day, or more, walking about 6 to 12 miles per day and if you don’t want to walk at all there are many other ways to support.

The Camino to COP is an XR FaithBridge initiative but not badged XR nor restricted to XR. It is organised by faith communities but not restricted to people of faith.

The purpose of the walk is to build alliances and engage communities along the route – faith communities and other local communities – and to spread the word about the urgency of the need for meaningful action to address the global climate and ecological emergency.

Interested? To access our Participate and Support Form, Please click here

and click here to check the Main Camino website for background information.