The Benefits of Networking

Some months ago a member contacted HGN to ask if we could put an item in our newsletter about car sharing. Will owns a car in Herefordshire that is only used infrequently and was looking for someone who could use it and share costs. He recently contacted HGN again with an update, and advice for anyone who wants to try car sharing themselves. He writes as follows:

‘A brief note to let you know the car sharing worked out with the lady who contacted me through your newsletter.

We shared the car for a few months, it worked well but in the end she didn’t get the job she was expecting and so she bowed out and I found another person, a mum and her two children who are refugees from Ukraine being put up in Whitney-on-Wye, a very nice person, it’s working well. It makes it a lot less expensive to share overheads like insurance which is hardly any more expensive for two people!’

Will goes on to say:

‘When I was searching for a car sharing agreement I could only find one, I modified it and attach it, perhaps you could post it on a page on your website so others can use it’

To see the agreement, Click here.

Note: If you do enter into a car sharing arrangement it is your responsibility to verify for yourself that the terms of the agreement are appropriate and suitable for your particular situation.

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