Woolly and Warm: National Lottery fund helps keep people warm with crafts

A new project has been funded thanks to the National Lottery for Cultivating Learning and Nature to help people with the cost of living.  CLaN have been awarded a £9908 grant so that people across Herefordshire can participate in a craft-based project called ‘Woolly and Warm’. They will have the opportunity to take part in wool-based workshops to make draught excluders, hand warmers and rugs to help keep warm in the cold months ahead. It is also a way to connect with people and improve their mental health.

This project will encourage people to get active, be with others in a safe and non-judgmental space and to be able to create something using natural materials. All the work Cultivating Learning and Nature does supports wellbeing and since the pandemic we have focused more heavily on encouraging people to connect again.

Participants will get the chance to try out weaving, sewing and felting throughout a series of sessions across the county. Caroline Gilbert, Director at CLaN and lead Tutor commented ‘We have always tried to get people to make use of the resources around them and we have a glut of this amazing natural material that people can use to create useful and beautiful things. On top of that people can make friends and socialise which is a bonus!”‘

Sessions coming up
10th February    am     Felted Hand Warmers            @ Hereford Library
10th February    pm     Draught Excluders                    @ Hereford Library
16th February    am     Felted Hand Warmers             @ Leominster Library
16th February   pm      Felted Neck Warmer               @ Leominster Library
11th February    am     Peg Loom Foot Rug                    @ Ross-on-Wye Library
17th February    am     Felted Hand Warmer              @ Ross-on-Wye Library
17th February    pm     Felted Neck Warmer                @ Ross-on-Wye Library
18th February    am     Peg Loom Foot Rug                    @ Leominster Library
4th March           am     Draught Excluders                    @ Ross-on-Wye Library
10th March        am      Peg Loom Foot Rug                 @ Leominster Library

For more please contact Caroline Gilbert on 01981 550043 or email caroline@clan-cic.org

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