BUILDING SENSE event 10th October Online

Air source heat pumps — a professional view on getting them right

BUILDING SENSE have invited Daikin, a heat pump manufacturer and supplier, to give us their insights on getting the best experience from a heat pump. Like other heat pump manufacturers, Daikin – who have a Marches-based installer training centre – are keen for people to understand and get the best from a heat pump. In this online session they will be giving a presentation, and then there will be a chance to get answers to your own questions

We will focus on:-

  • The importance of ‘fabric first’ improvement of your home and reducing heating demand
  • How does an air source heat pump work?
  • Key differences between an air source heat pump heating system and a gas boiler heating system
  • The importance of heat pumps being correctly specified, installed and run
  • Dispelling some common myths about heat pumps

Free online event on Monday 10th October, 1:00pm

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